About Desalpes

Mikée Westerling has lived in Switzerland since August 2007. After her study Museology at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (then called Reinwardt Academy) she started working in several museums in the Netherlands. After she and her husband moved abroad she picked up her passion and worked as an interior designer in several countries.

When she newly arrived in Switzerland, she discovered the Swiss army blankets and developed a great love for them. She made pillows and footstools of those beauties first for herself as well as her clientèle which eventually resulted in the start-up of her first company DEKEN GmbH. When her co-owner stopped, Mikée decided to continue working with her beloved blankets and started The Desalpes Company.

Desalpes (French for ‘from the Alps’) specializes in authentic materials with a history.

The collection is timeless, effortlessly chic and always matches with the distinctive character of the Swiss Blankets.