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The Kelim Collection

After a trip to Istanbul, Mikée came home with an exquisite collection of kelim pillow covers, bags and purses. The beautiful colors, the gorgeous wool used for the kelims and the typical design of the kelims, she couldn’t keep her eyes of them. Once home, she threw the pillows on her couch, combining them with her Swiss Blankets and clearly a new addition to her collection was born!

The kelims give the modern home an effortlessly chic and bohemian touch.

Kelims are traditional carpets, mainly from Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. For centuries these carpets are made by hand with beautiful and intrinsic patterns. Originally these rugs where used as carpeting for tents, simple huts as well as houses. The woolen kelims where put directly on the clay floors and kept one warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And being part of everyday life, people would get married, eat, fight, deal, make love, play and eventually die on them.

DESALPES has a collection of pillows, purses and small bags.

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