Baltic Basics

Estonia regained its independency in 1991. Thanks to their relentless efforts, they were allowed to the European Community in 2004, and exchanged their own currency for the Euro in 2011, quite an amazing transformation.

Liesbeth van der Made started her company Baltic Basics in the year 2000.

The Baltic Basic collection is completely handmade in Estonia and mainly consists of woollen artisanal items from Riina Tomberg.  Riina works on the Island Saarremaa and she teaches at the Academy of Arts (textiles). Her collection consists of shawls, ponchos and plaids. They are all handmade and they are always unique.

Tarmo Kattago is another contact from the early days of Baltic Basics. The pouches as well as the Iphone-holders from elk leather and the lammy mittens are from his hand.

Baltic Basics stands for the use of natural materials and original handicraft and therefore fits right into the philosophy and collection of The Desalpes Company.

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