Karlen Swiss

In 1998 his son, Hans-Jörg Karlen, took over an old product range of MAGO, a business that primarily produced authentic Swiss Folk-art and combined the collection with the traditional craftsmanship of the shoe shop of his father. What once started as a one-man shop, now has 12 local women working for him, making a beautiful collection of handbags, purses, and other accessories from the Swiss army Blanket.

In 1951 Titus Karlen set up his shoe business in Törbel, a tiny place in the Swiss Mountains. In this shop he made shoes, cowbell belts, horse equipment and a variation of leather accessories for the army.

The Desalpes Company has a large variety of this Handbag collection.

Exclusively for The Desalpes Company, KarlenSwiss also makes a collection of handbags of the Dutch Postbag s well as of sturdy blue jeans.


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