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Karlen Swiss

In 1998 his son, Hans-Jörg Karlen, took over an old product range of MAGO, a business that primarily produced authentic Swiss Folk-art and combined the collection with the traditional craftsmanship of the shoe shop of his father. What once started as a one-man shop, now has 12 local women working for him, making a beautiful collection of handbags, purses, and other accessories from the Swiss army Blanket.

In 1951 Titus Karlen set up his shoe business in Törbel, a tiny place in the Swiss Mountains. In this shop he made shoes, cowbell belts, horse equipment and a variation of leather accessories for the army.

The Desalpes Company has a large variety of this Handbag collection.

Exclusively for The Desalpes Company, KarlenSwiss also makes a collection of handbags of the Dutch Postbag s well as of sturdy blue jeans.



De Kelim Collectie

After a trip to Istanbul, Mikée came home with an exquisite collection of kelim pillow covers, bags and purses. The beautiful colors, the gorgeous wool used for the kelims and the typical design of the kelims, she couldn’t keep her eyes of them. Once home, she threw the pillows on her couch, combining them with her Swiss Blankets and clearly a new addition to her collection was born!

The kelims give the modern home an effortlessly chic and bohemian touch.

Kelims are traditional carpets, mainly from Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa. For centuries these carpets are made by hand with beautiful and intrinsic patterns. Originally these rugs where used as carpeting for tents, simple huts as well as houses. The woolen kelims where put directly on the clay floors and kept one warm in the winter and cool in the summer. And being part of everyday life, people would get married, eat, fight, deal, make love, play and eventually die on them.

DESALPES has a collection of pillows, purses and small bags.


De Nederlandse postzakken collectie

The canvas Dutch Postbags where used for many, many years by Dutch Post.  All bags are dated with the year of origin, some even go back to the 70s. Nowadays the Dutch Post uses them occasionally, but more and more the Post replaced them by nylon bags instead of these sturdy canvas ones. As Mikée is Dutch, she  is  keen on working with these authentic bags from her homecountry.

Desalpes  has a  collection of  pillows and footstools and exclusively for Desalpes,  ‘Karlen Swiss’  developped a sturdy collection of handbags.