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After 8 years of great fun, many adventures, hard work but most of all wonderful loyal customers…. we are at the bottom of our supply!

Thanks to a wonderful order from a beautiful Gstaad Hotel 140 blankets and pillows are going back to where they came from: the beautiful Swiss Mountains!

The coming month of December 2016 I will be more than happy to sell my very last blankets -untill supply lasts- to you and I will enjoy and cherish every minute!
Be quick because as you may know the original Swiss army blanket is sparse; these days more than ever!!

Love to all my customers!

The Vancouver Sun

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The Panorama Knife

Desalpes is very happy to announce an addition to the collection.

Made by a small family company with the goal to point out the more beautiful things in life and in this world the Panoramknife grasps the view of the Grand Mountains of Switzerland. For people who want to see things that are very often not visible.

The view of the grand mountains of Switzerland is not an everday thing. It gives one goose-pimples every time we seen them. It is always fun to see those plaquettes with the view of the mountains and the name of the mountains. It adds to the hike and is a nice excuse to rest and truly take in the stunning views.

Photographed and honed into the blade, 7 different panoramas of stunning mountains of Switzerland. Luckily the names of the mountains are written on the blade too!

The Mont Blanc, the Eiger, the Matterhorn and it`s colleagues cut Baguettes and Croissants just as easily as Waadtländer bread or the tough Wallis Rye bread. En plus: saucisses et légumes!

The fact that one can slice bread with this idea is actually secondary. More important is the thousandfold recurrence of the original emotion.

You can choose between 7 stunning views:


Les Jardins en Fête

Where: Le Château de Coppet – Switzerland

Date: 10,11 and 12 may
Tme: 10.00 – 18.00hr

Desalpes’ stand is located in the former Stables (ecuries) of the Château

Ali Lamu

Desalpes specializes in materials with a history. The history behind the Ali Lamu collection is a perfect addition to The Desalpes Collection.  Ali Lamu’s collection is made of Tanga (Swahili for sails), which are old sails of Kenyian sailingboats, used for hundreds of years and now turned into weekendbags, cosmetic bags and more.  Each Ali Lamu bag is handmade from old Kenyan used tarpaulin (100% cotton) unique and painted in the mood of the motion.

The story behind this special weekendbag of Ali Lamu is about the passionate love between an Italian woman and a Kenyan fisherman. Daniela Bateleur, born in Italy, came after years of wanderings through Africa on the Kenyan island of Lamu. One day she walked on the beach when a fisherman, Ali called on her to work because he was looking for a job. The sea was too rough to go fishing that day. She said she had no work for him, but that she was looking for an old sail of local fishermen (tanga). She thought of these old sails as a work of art, created by the wind, the salt water, the sun  and the rain during their years of travel across the ocean.

What followed is a passionate love story and the start for this wonderful cooperation. The Ali Lamu collection has a nice collection of weekendbags, daily bags and cosmetic bags. And believe it or not; in a way, you get a little butterflies in your stomach when using these products.


Blogs about Desalpes

Desalpes is very happy that blogs and various websites are shining their spotlight on the company!

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